I analyze stories in video games

My goal is to highlight incredible stories in video games and demonstrate how a story is told through the interactive medium. On this blog, you can expect to see my reviews of video game stories along with tons of essays on various video game topics.

My epic backstory

My name is Will, and I talk about stories in video games! I studied design & entrepreneurship in college, I’ve taught game design and computer science to children and I’ve been playing video games for over twenty years. The first game I ever touched was Super Mario Land on rhe SNES but it wasn’t until I played Pokémon Blue that I fell in love with video games – particularly the Role Playing Games (RPG) genre.

While my parents were not a fan of these ‘strange devices’ that plug into the TV to play video games, they eventually got me Playstation 2 and that’s where I discovered my love for video game narratives. Metal Gear Solid and it’s sequel were some of the first to catch my eye: I was amazed at how well Hideo Kojima used the video game medium to engage the player in a way that simply can’t be done in a book or a movie. (Colonel: “Raiden, turn the game console off right now”).

Since I’ve grown up around computers, a lot of my experience comes from PC gaming. The first PC game I ever played was Civilization II, but Age of Empires, Half-life, and RuneScape ended up occupying most of my time as a kid. Thanks to the power of emulators, I also got a chance to play classics that had eluded me such as Final Fantasy VI and The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time. It’s also around this time that I discovered the Ace Attorney series, which would go on to become one of my absolute favorite series.

Eventually, after graduating and moving out to California, I noticed that despite the many independent video game reviewers and journalists out there, nobody was focusing on video game narratives. I saw this as an opportunity to bring my passion out into the world and so, with the help of Tolarian Community College, I learned how to shoot and edit videos and made some reviews of the Ace Attorney Trilogy.

Whilst you won’t hear me discuss competitive aspects of video games on this blog, I do have a few achievements under my belt:

  • I am a first generation Pokémon master; I completed all 150 entries of the Pokédex before Gold and Silver were even invented.
  • I made it to the final boss of I Wanna Be The Guy, the absurdly difficult video game inspired by every absurdly difficult NES game.
  • I achieved Gold III in season 3 of League of Legends, climbing up the ranked ladder from Silver V.
  • I beat the Chocobo Race in Final Fantasy X with a time of 0.0 seconds.
  • I have 100% completed Jak & Daxter, Ratchet & Clank 3 and Megaman Battle Network 4.
  • I’ve gotten every single skill to 99 in Runescape. And while I have no way of proving it, I was the 76th player in the world to achieve 99 Construction.