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VG Story Review – Pokémon Sun Moon

This is the best storyline that the Pokémon series has done (Disclaimer: I still haven’t played Mystery Dungeon: Explorers of Sky). Witness one of the most successful video game franchise tell the story of Lillie, an shy girl who carries a Pokémon called Nebby in a duffle bag. If that wasn’t enough, Pokémon borrows from real-world biology once again and provides regional variants of Pokémon we’ve become familiar with.

VG Story Review – Ace Attorney: Spirit of Justice

Phoenix Wright travels to the Kingdom of Khurai’n to meet up with Maya Fey, but quickly  discovers that their court system there is so corrupt that lawyers don’t even exist. Meanwhile, Apollo Justice rediscovers his past and finally gets the game he deserves!

VG Story Review – Undertale (part 2): Genocide

Undertale’s genocide path is one of the most unique experience in video games that works specifically because of it’s narrative. It’s boring, it’s lonely, it’s depressing and it’s extremely frustrating – It’s trying its damn hardest to get you, the player, to quit because you are a heartless serial killer. And if you succeed in your quest, be prepared to have the game permanently altered.

VG Story Review – Undertale (part 1): Neutral & True Pacifist

Undertale is such an incredible video game story that I had to make this a two-part review. The premise is simple: every monster you encounter in the game can be killed or spared. Should you choose to be a heartless murderer, the game will treat use as such. Conversely, should you choose to extend the hand of friendship to each monster you meet, you may find a way to save them all.

VG Story Review – Ace Attorney: Dual Destinies

After a long hiatus, the Ace Attorney series returned on the 3DS with a game that references all the tropes that made the series so good. Phoenix Wright has his badge back, Apollo Justice was given a better backstory and Athena Cykes, our newest lawyer, joins the team to prove the innocence of a man who once saved her life.

VG Story Review – Apollo Justice: Ace Attorney

Following up the Ace Attorney trilogy was never going to be easy, but radically changing Phoenix Wright’s character in order to shoehorn him into the story where he didn’t belong? Overall, it seemed like the ace attorney formula was running out of steam.

Special VG Story Review – Could video games make good musicals?

When the first Ace Attorney game was remade for the Nintendo DS, it was given an extra case: Rise from the Ashes. Surprisingly, this case was adapted into a musical by Takarazuka Revue in Japan. What’s even more surprising is that it worked really well, leading me to wonder if we should try to make more video game musical adaptations.

VG Story Review – Transistor

On a fateful night, opera singer Red becomes targeted by a nefarious organization seeking to provide stability to an every-changing virtual world. Guided by the voice of her lover trapped inside The Transistor, she seeks to save what’s left of the world now crumbling around her.

VG Story Review – Bastion

After the world was literally torn into pieces by the calamity, a kid seeks out the bastion. Along the way, his actions (directed by you) are narrated by a man who hopes to undo the events that destroyed the world.

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