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VG Story Review – Pokémon Ruby & Sapphire

In the third generation, the Pokémon got even more complex, this time adding natures and abilities. With a friendly rival character, a completely new location and a plot focused much more around “legendary” Pokémon, this generation set the standard that the series would follow.

VG Story Review – Pokémon Gold & Silver

Building on the viral success of Pokémon Red and Blue, the next generation would provide two new types, held items, and genders along with a story that takes place two years after the events of Red and Blue.

VG Story Review – Pokémon Red/Blue

Even though everyone and their Pikachu has heard of the series, Pokémon remains one of the most impactful video games every created and while storyline might not seem like the biggest focus, the game uses a variety of creative techniques to build up the final boss without you even realizing it. This is the game that ultimately made me a gamer.

VG Story Review – Phoenix Wright: Trials & Tribulations

This is my pick for the title of “best story in gaming”. Building upon all that the two prior games have laid out, Trials & Tribulations features one of gaming’s greatest and most complex characters: Prosecutor Godot, a mysterious man who has come back ‘from the depths of hell’ to do battle with Phoenix Wright, the man he despises. Featuring one of gaming’s most vicious antagonists and exploring themes of love and relationships, this climactic conclusion to the Ace Attorney trilogy is the gold standard of video game storytelling.

VG Story Review – Phoenix Wright: Justice For All

The sequel the the incredibly innovative Ace Attorney series decides to turn things around. The final plot twist, which I spoil in the review and will not do so here, is incredibly audacious, and the result is a game where Phoenix Wright proves what kind of lawyer he is.

VG Story Review – Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney

My very first video review! When I finished playing Ace Attorney, I closed my DS and said “That’s it. Video games are art”. I was blown away by the sheer storytelling ability of this lawyer video game series but it wasn’t until my second play-through that I realized what made it work so well.

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